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Welcome to my site. It mainly contains information relating to my C.V. and a sub-site about a development project I led a few years ago, on cowpea storage pest control for small scale farmers in Africa. In the private section, there are also links to some of my photography and other sites of personal interest.

Use the navigation bar on the top of the page to jump directly to main sections, or the panel on the left for more detailed navigation.

In order to make the text easier to read, I have opted for a general format that reminds me more of printed material than old-fashioned web pages.

  • You may find the font too small for comfort: it is easy to change from your browser menu
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  • I have formatted the hyperlinks in a more subdued manner than usual: you may need to hover your cursor over some of the text, to check if there is a hyperlink available.

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12 March 2006