The work presented here has been undertaken as a team effort, and in collaboration between several institutions:




Natural Resources Institute

Original concept, project leader of the 1st phase and mentor: Peter Golob

Scientist in the 1st phase and project leader of the 2nd: Bruno Tran

Social scientist and development specialist, project leader for the completion of the project: Mike Morris

Socio-economist: Andrew Goodland

Scientist: Caroline Moss

Scientist: Andrew Devereau


Royal Holloway, University of London

Biologists, study of bruchids populations and seeds resistance: Joelle Appleby and Peter Credland

Post Harvest Development Unit, Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Scientist, in-country management and supervision: 'Prince' Fuseini Haruna Andan (Tamale, Northern Region)

Scientist: James Atarigya (Bolgatanga, Upper East Region)


Savannah Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Nyangpala

Scientists, on-station trials: I. Ayuba and S. Seini


University for Development Studies (UDS), Tamale

Socio-economist, market studies: Joyce Bediako


Food Research Institute (FRI), Accra

Food scientists, varietal analysis: N.T. Annan, A. Osei-Yaw and W.A. Plahar

Matilong Youth Mixed Farmers Association, Soroti

Development workers, local project management: Stephen Ecwinyu (Development and Training Officer), Anna Akuruk (Gender Officer) and Joseph Edeku (Agricultural Officer)


Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute (NARO)

Entomologist, in-country management: Ambrose Agona


Serere Agricultural and Animal Research Institute (NARO)

Scientist: Herbert Okurut-Akol

Funding was provided by the Crop Post-Harvest Programme, of the UK Department for International Development.

This publication is an output from a research project funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) for the benefit of developing countries. The views expressed are not necessarily those of DFID. R6503 and R7442, Crop Post-Harvest Research programme.

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