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Photo, Video, Multimedia, Internet
Flash development. Beautifully crafted Flash animations, games and screensavers
Specializes in candid portraits and architectural interests, catering to the Washington DC / Northern Virginia area
Infographiste (in French)
Yannfou & Patatra: Clowneries et spectacles (in French)
In memory of a friend
Management and music production for musicians world-wide as well as programming and promoting innovative roots/world music events primarily in the UK. See also the Heatwave website
If you are in Kent, try one of their gigs: this is good music!
Percussionist extraordinaire..
Science and International Development
Society for "The cultivation of the Science of Natural History in all its branches."
Participatory media. "The purpose of Maneno Mengi is to create new development practices that offer authorship to people whose voices are otherwise not heard. Combining participatory learning with media technology we facilitate participatory production of videos, TV, radio and websites for development planning, negotiation and policy dialogue together with people."
Association of independent development professionals who collaborate to undertake and contribute expertise to natural resources projects and activities. The group provides high quality solutions to today's natural resources management problems in a cost effective and timely manner.
Natural Resources Institute "Working for sustainable development. Internationally recognized multi-disciplinary centre for research, consultancy and education for the management of natural and human resources."


Basically, the system involves the issuing of documents, Warehouse Receipts (WR), as evidence that specified commodities of stated quantity and quality have been deposited at a particular location by a named depositor(s). Depositors may be a producer, a farmer group, a trader, an exporter, a processor or indeed any individual or corporate body...
Nurtures and promotes the discipline of statistics...
IT consulting. "Focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Business Intelligence solutions to deliver services using technology to address our clients' needs, and are efficient, effective and empowering."
What is left of the defunct OCG (later ARIS): a collection of very nice Christmas screensavers...
Sustainable environment
A group of organisations based on an organic farm and study centre, working towards sustainable solutions in farming, the environment and education


Organisations I support or value
Support World AIDS Day   

Centre for









PowerPoint presentation on the cowpea project for the GDM meeting at the Open University (15 Mb)




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