Bruno M D Tran   


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South Brittany, on or near the Quiberon peninsula (France) June 2006


To pan, click on the panorama and drag to the right or the left. To zoom in and out, use the shift and control keys or use the buttons on the navigation bar.


View from Ker Menhir's "chambre sur la mer", high tide.



360 view of Kerbourgnec, in front of Ker Menhir, low tide.



St Kado is a most picturesque village near Etel. This view was taken from the harbour, looking at the island on the right.



These panoramas were made using: Autostitch and Pano2QTVR

You need Apple's Quicktime player to display this panorama as a VR movie. Download QuickTime from Apple





Last modified:
12 July 2006